How to stop blowing your deadlines and conquer workload panic

Feel like you’re always running to catch up with your workload? Welcome to my life. In this post I talk about blowing deadlines and what you can do to conquer workload panic. If you want to skip the personal stuff and go straight to the advice, scroll down to the Tips below.

Recently I went through a travel snafu that caused me to blow five deadlines. When I say I “went through” a snafu, what I actually mean is that I caused it by taking on too many things at once. This is embarrassing because as an academic and freelancer, meeting deadlines is kind of my bread and butter. I’m often asked to complete assignments on a tight schedule, and my reputation relies on my ability to get things done on time.

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Three Ways to Improve Your Academic Writing in 20 Minutes or Less

Imagine that you’re holding two pages of academic writing side by side. They both say the same thing, but there’s one important difference: one page is fascinating, while the other one is so boring you can barely get through the first paragraph.

What is the difference between these two pieces of text? And how do you ensure that your work is like the first page — something people actually want to read? Continue reading “Three Ways to Improve Your Academic Writing in 20 Minutes or Less”

How to write an outstanding PhD research proposal

Around this time of year, prospective graduate students are brushing off their laptops to prepare their research proposals for grad school applications or funding requests, hoping to define the course of their future.

The research proposal is at the core of your application portfolio. It’s supposed to lay out your program of research for the next three to five years — basically, what your PhD is in a basic sense.

Most prospective students think of the obvious things when they’re writing the proposal: what’s my topic? What’s my methodology? Does it make sense? Will my supervisor like it?

These things are all important. But the key to writing an outstanding research proposal is this: you have to think like someone who already has a PhD.

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